Friday, December 31, 2010

How was I too know?

Synthetic marijuana has become illegal in Arizona! DEA has made its way Thur smoke shops and removed all products of K2 or spice products. Medical marijuana is illegal in Arizona as a result of November's passage of Proposition 203. Includes five chemicals commonly found in synthetic marijuana - also known as "spice," "K2" and fake weed - into the same category as heroin and marijuana. The ban went in to effective Dec. 24. Arizona Poison and Drug Information Center has reported about 40 known cases of people who smoked the synthetic marijuana since March. The American Association of Poison Control Centers has received about 2,000 calls nationwide. The patients have ranged from 14 to 29 years old, with an average age of 17 or 18. Some of the effects reported when people smoke these substances include nervousness, vomiting, high blood pressure, seizures, hallucinations and non-openness, and has proven more dangerous than natural cannabis according to the DEA.

Being a mother I had came to the concern when I had read a text from my son’s girlfriend, (16yr olds) saying “hey there my brother has some spice if you want to come over”. I had deleted the text and asked my son to help me make cookies, acting like I had no idea. As we made cookies I had talked to him about what the news reported about the spice products and asked him if he ever tried any? He said yes, I wanted to cry. I asked him if he is still doing it and what kind? And he said “no, the stuff made him sick”. He concludes his conversation with me to not to worry. Now I know it’s time to be more aware of news articles and local happenings to stay more on top of things as a mother. I had already had the drug and sex talks with my children. Everyday there is a new item, product, drink, that our children and adults are trying or consuming to get a high, buzz, or whatever it is. Very hard to keep up with. I guess I didn’t know what to do Sept to make cookies, this way we could talk about spices and the topic can just come up easily. I understand children love an easy way out on things but gateway drugs and items that children are using us of parents could be supplying, and not knowing, we have in our spice racks. Sadly confused, and trying to be on top of things.